About Manzar (Mr. Manish Arora)

Manzar Entertainment and Manzar Muzik were founded by Mr. Manish Arora better known by his stage name Manzar with a vision to scale all heights of recorded music, music publishing, merchandising, and audiovisual content in Multiple Languages along with film production.

Our services in music production and films include pre-production, production and post production services.Manzar wants to create new heights in the industry that would be the inspiration to others.

Manzar also wants to attract budding filmmakers and musicians by providing them with a platform to explore the new era of Indian cinema. The whole idea is to bring and enhance new talent in Indian cinema and music.

Mr. Manish Arora (Manzar) is the CEO, Producer, Music Composer and Singer at Manzar Entertainment and Manzar Muzik.