Dhruv Goel ready to spread his horizons in Indian Music Industry

You might not have heard his name. But Dhruv Goel has already done few wonders in the music industry. He is based out of Los Angeles and is composer and vocalist. He is shortly going to release a new song “Pinha”. He recorded this song at Berklee Indian Ensemble.

Dhruv has also shared a stage with the legend A.R.Rahman. In early 2016 he has attended Bengaluru Ganesh Utsav, where Vijay Prakash and Raghu Dixit were his co-stars. Dhruv actually is a freelance composer and a vocalist. He has made music for travel shows, short films and even video games.

Recently he has finished a short movie named “Shamas”, which is being directed by a London based director Myriam Raja. The same movie would also be premiering at London Short Film Festival in January 2017. The film is set in England, which is based out of mass refugee crisis. He say’s that this movie would show the meaning of real humanity.

Dhruv is currently working with John Williams on Star Wars movie.

He was born in a family where everyone loves music and had a good taste of it. He learned music from his Grandfather, who was a poet, painter and a vocalist. And to top it up his grand Father was also an IPS.

Dhruv has done his basic education at Delhi University, where he gets lots of exposure and had showcased his love for music. After having an Economics degree from Delhi University, Dhruv moved to Berklee. And then he was unstoppable.

Dhruv is inspired by A.R.Rahman and he says that “He is one of the main reasons I wanted to write music. His music and writing truly moves and inspires me. Recording a cover of ’Yeh Jo Des’ and then performing with him at Symphony Hall was a surreal experience. He has amazing energy and it’s incredible to see the childlike fascination he has with music technology.”

Ask what would be his ideal composing gig and he says, “Writing the score to a big sci-fi movie.” He adds he would love to explore India-based project as well. “But I am ’playing it by ear’ currently – pun intended! ” he concludes.

We wish a great success to Dhruv and hope he would contribute to Indian Music Industry an in whole.

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