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Music Production – Mixing Advice People Don’t Want To Listen

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  • December 23,2014
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Well, I start with an assumption that you are like me and always receptive of new tips and techniques that are expected to help you take your mixes to the next level. This is because of the fact that you want the result of your recordings to sound like a pro’s right? Actually, me too!

But it sometimes becomes very difficult as too often we choose to ignore advice that can really help us in music production. Usually we turn to any Tom, Dick or Harry who will tell us what we want to listen and not what we need to listen. This is quite understandable as we all belong to the same human kind and I sometimes behave in exactly the same way.


How on Earth Did You Get That Snare Sound?

Yes, “How on earth did you get that snare sound?” is a very common question we get since our last EP release. It is kinda disappointing when people ask.

Believe me or not, I did not get that snare sound via samples. It wasn’t even via a cool new plug-in that I got it. Again, it wasn’t even via clever use of EQ and compression. To tell you the truth, we got that snare sound by using a snare that simply sounded like that. Amusing, isn’t it?

Our last EP required snare and we brought two snare drums for that purpose. One out of the two snares sounded quite fine. Although we tried to adjust the mics by moving them around, it wasn’t helping us much at all. Then we tried swapping out the snares and bingo, it was very useful. The other snare sounded thick and huge. It was exactly what we wanted.

Mixing Starts at the Source and techniques we use to get good sounds

We suppose most of you are mixing your own music, or at the least, music that you also recorded. Well, ff that’s the case with you, you are in luck! This advice that we are going to give and you don’t actually want to hear can really help you! Rest assured!

The best piece of advice we can offer on “mixing” is to record music that resonates well. Make sure you record drum sets that sound good are in tune. Make sure your record acoustic guitars that have fresh and perfectly tuned strings and can sound the way you want the final product to sound.

Does it all sound obvious? But if we talk about ground reality, most of you aren’t doing this for some unknown reason. We know this because many a times we don’t do this either. We are supposed to know better, but still we find ourselves throwing up mics, pressing the record, and believing “we’ll make this sound better, later on.”


We all sometimes get carried away and prefer to play with sounds in the computer for hours instead of taking out a few more minutes to record something good on Day One.

Are You Sure You are Going To Take This Advice?

So, coming straightway to the point: are you sure you are going to take this advice? Are you prepared to devote some extra minutes and commit to record better tracks and better instruments instead of talking recourse to “mixing magic tricks?”


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