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  • May 14,2016
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Manzar Entertainment Launches New Website to Better Engage with its Audience

Manzar Entertainment is launching its new website with special focus on Music production and film production with new and interactive features to better engage music enthusiasts and professionals who want to be a skilled music producer.

New Delhi, India, May 09, 2016 — In an exciting and unique development, Manzar Entertainment launched a brand new website with many interactive features for enthusiasts and professionals alike who aim to take music production to the next level.

This brand new website is actually an extension of the website which existed earlier. The website is planned to reflect the vision of the director, Manish Arora, who has years of industry experience with music production industry. The website will offer information on company happenings for various stakeholders like artists and producers etc., along with all the necessary knowledge for anyone who wants to approach music and film production.
In a space where most production houses simply publish their website and post a few ads and fail to cause much of a stir, Manzar Entertainment has opted to be a little more exciting and unique with its all new website launch.

Manish Arora, Owner and Producer at Manzar Entertainment, said: “Manzar Entertainment has always thrived on the idea of standing out and making a commotion in the industry. Manzar Entertainment aims to be exciting and unique in its online approach and build a creative community of people related to film and music production. The new website will help a lot budding artists and professionals take their music and film production passion to the next level.”

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