The Making of “WohHai Zara KhafaKhafa…” Cover Song

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The Making of “WohHai Zara KhafaKhafa…” Cover Song

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  • October 05,2016
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ManzarMuzik (One of the units of Manzar Entertainment) presents a cover version of the song of your choice since ages, i.e., “Who Hai Zara Khafa Khafa…”.

The cover song on the eternal Bollywood love song was conceived while we at Manzar Entertainment were having coffee and chatting on creative stuff regarding our first cover song. Suddenly it dawned upon us that love and coffee can be a great theme for our debut cover song. It was then that we taught of making a video showing mystic power coffee and love to all. And, finally when we came out with a Beautiful cover song, it was well accepted by the music lovers around the World Wide Web.

Cover songs are an innovative way to get your name out there before you establish yourself in music production and distribution to build a solid fan base. As far as cover songs are concerned, you play it safe and choose to play a well-known song with popular artists. This gives you the benefit of already having an audience out there that is eagerly waiting to hear a fresh rendition. Although you do not have the credits of writing and producing the original version, you should make sure that there are still ways to take your own spin on it.

We did exactly the same with our long cherished debut cover song!

Presenting Something New: Sung with Our Own Style

As mentioned earlier, although we did not create an original stuff, we were clear that we wanted to make a cover song of our own by bringing our own type of voice to the piece. We at Manzar Entertainment know that each individual has a different vocal range and it fits a certain key. As such, we knew we had to change it from that of the original singer. Mann Taneja and Bhavya Pandit adjusted well for our cover song.

Both of them have their own unique singing styles and it imparted originality to the track. For example, Bhavya Pandit has a uniquely soothing voice and she was very much found of old songs and this was very useful for this project.

Presenting Something New: Making Our Own Music Video

Fans love it very much when a musician does the whole nine yards. A music video allows fans to see the song in its true essence, the same way the musicians do. This is why Manzar (Manish Arora) did the cover of “woh hai zara khafa khafa,” and included a video along with it. He even wanted incorporate the fans into the making of the video, inviting them to personally invest in the music. But it did not materialize because of time constraint.

It was an amazing journey and taught us a lot to pave the future!

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